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West Des Moines Neck Pain Treatments

Gentle chiropractic adjustments restore normal motion, reduce pressure on the nerves, and serve as a natural solution to cervicalgia, or “a pain in the neck.”

West Des Moines Back Pain Chiropractor

Lower back pain will affect over 80% of the population at some time in their lives, and there are many ways to treat it. In our office, we focus on getting you out of pain as quickly as possible.

West Des Moines ARM & LEG PAIN

Nerves are pliable. They can be kinked, stretched, chafed, twisted or bent. When these stresses become too much for the nerve, the flow is disrupted and/or stopped.

We serve residents of West Des Moines everyday and welcome you as a patient. We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with quality personalized chiropractic care in a convenient location to West Des Moines.